8 Best Cooking Affiliate Programs in 2024 – [Quality-Oriented]

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By Tomislav

Key Takeaways

1. Stonewall Kitchen
Commission: 8%, Cookie: 15 days.
Managed by Rakuten; offers diverse, high-quality kitchen products.
Strong affiliate support with promotional updates.
2. Cuisinart
Commission: 10%, Cookie: 45 days.
Managed by CJ Affiliates; renowned for kitchen appliances.
Features eco-friendly GreenGourmet line.
3. The Prepared Pantry
Commission: 10-15%, Cookie: 45 days.
Managed by ShareASale; diverse baking and cooking products.
Bonus system for high sales, strong quality focus.
4. The Grill Masters Club
Commission: 10%, Cookie: 90 days.
Managed by ShareASale; monthly grill essentials subscription.
Access to exclusive online community.
5. KettlePizza
Commission: 5%, Cookie: 90 days.
Managed by ShareASale; transforms grills into pizza ovens.
High average order value.
6. The Chef & The Dish
Commission: 10%, Cookie: 90 days.
Managed by ShareASale; live international cooking classes.
Selective program for reputable creators.
7. Rouxbe
Commission: 10%, Cookie: 60 days.
In-house program; online culinary courses.
Suitable for both casual and professional learners.
8. Amazon
Commission: 4-10%, Cookie: 24 hours.
Amazon Associates; wide product range.
Requires compliance with strict rules.

1. Stonewall Kitchen 

Commission Rates: 8%

Cookie Duration: 15 days

Affiliate Program: Managed by Rakuten Marketing

I admire the origin story of Stonewall Kitchen. Founders Jonathan King and Jim Stott began by selling jams and jellies at local events. Their commitment to quality propelled Stonewall Kitchen into a global brand with over 6,000 wholesale accounts.

Recognized as one of the top specialty food companies in the US, Stonewall Kitchen is an excellent choice if you’re selective about recommendations. Their products, ranging from food items to kitchen tools and home decor, are not only high-quality but also beautifully designed.

For affiliates, Stonewall Kitchen offers robust support. They provide an in-house affiliate management team to assist you, inform you of upcoming promotions, and share a monthly newsletter with event and seasonal offer updates.

To join, you’ll need to sign up with Rakuten Marketing and find Stonewall Kitchen’s section to access a variety of creative resources that align with your website’s theme.

2. Cuisinart

Commission Rates: 10%

Cookie Duration: 45 days

Affiliate Program: Managed by CJ Affiliates

Cuisinart, a name synonymous with quality in kitchen appliances, was revolutionized in 1973 by founder Carl Sontheimer. Its groundbreaking food processor quickly gained acclaim, thanks to endorsements from culinary legends like Julia Child and James Beard.

Embodying their motto, “Savor the Good Life,” Cuisinart focuses on enhancing the culinary experience with a diverse product range:

  • Appliances
  • Cookware
  • Bakeware
  • Dinnerware & Flatware
  • Cutlery
  • Tools & Gadgets
  • Outdoor Grilling, and more

Their innovative GreenGourmet line stands out, appealing to the eco-conscious with its energy-efficient design and 70% recycled stainless steel components. Even the packaging reflects this ethos, being 100% recyclable and printed with soy ink.

Consider promoting Cuisinart if your audience values sustainable, quality kitchenware.

Note: Joining Cuisinart’s affiliate program requires signing up with CJ Affiliates. This is a common practice, as not all companies manage affiliate programs in-house.

3. The Prepared Pantry

Commission Rates: 10-15% (based on sales volume)

Cookie Duration: 45 days

Affiliate Program: Managed by ShareASale

The Prepared Pantry, a family-owned business, is known for its unique charm.

They offer a diverse range of products, including:

  • Baking mixes
  • Seasonings
  • Cooking Gadgets
  • Grilling Tools
  • Cake Decorating Supplies
  • Colors and Flavors

Every product is carefully selected for quality. They stand by their choices, evident in their motto, “Nothing makes it onto our shelves without being tested and proven,” and their 90-day no-questions-asked refund policy.

Their blog boasts over 50,000 kitchen projects, providing ample inspiration for you and your audience.

As an affiliate, you gain access to free e-books and magazines to help drive sales. The company supports its affiliates robustly, even employing an in-house Affiliate Manager.

Noteworthy is their bonus system: sell over $5,000 in 30 days for a 12% commission, and over $10,000 for 15%.

To participate, you’ll need a ShareASale account.

Conclusively, if your audience appreciates a traditional, old-school approach to cooking, The Prepared Pantry might be an ideal affiliate partner.

4. The Grill Masters Club

Commission Rates: 10%

Cookie Duration: 90 days

Affiliate Program: Managed by ShareASale affiliate network

Discussing barbeque and grilling isn’t complete without highlighting The Grill Masters Club and its enticing affiliate program.

This service offers a monthly subscription box for grill enthusiasts, packed with a variety of grilling essentials like sauces, rubs, marinades, recipes, smoke flavor wood chips, and accessories.

I see The Grill Masters Club as a sort of year-round Santa for grill lovers, delivering surprises each month.

Subscribers also gain access to an exclusive online community, making it more than just a subscription – it’s a real “club.”

For those with an audience interested in grilling and smoking, recommending The Grill Masters Club could be a great idea.

To participate in their affiliate program, you need an account with ShareASale. As an affiliate, you’ll receive monthly newsletters with promotions and benefit from their professional affiliate program management.

Moreover, the company offers grilling-related apparel on their website, providing additional opportunities for earning commissions.

5. KettlePizza

Commission Rates: 5%

Cookie Duration: 90 days

Affiliate program: Managed by ShareASale affiliate network

After a bit of research on pizza preferences, it’s clear that pretty much everyone loves pizza.

We all know the best pizzas are baked in pizza ovens. But, not everyone has the luxury of owning one.

Enter KettlePizza. They offer innovative gas and charcoal grill pizza oven kits. These kits are not only easy to use but also transform your regular grill to match the performance of commercial wood pizza ovens.

In essence, their product turns any grill into a pizza oven.

Before researching for this article, I wasn’t even aware of such a product.

I’m willing to bet many pizza enthusiasts in your audience would be excited to learn about this from you.

KettlePizza’s average order value is around $250, making their affiliate program, hosted on ShareASale, an attractive proposition.

6. The Chef & The Dish

Commission Rates: 10%
Cookie Duration: 90 days
Affiliate Network: ShareASale

Even with the best cooking equipment, knowing how to use it effectively is key. That’s where The Chef & The Dish steps in. They offer private, one-on-one, live cooking classes via Skype, connecting you with chefs from around the world.

Interested in improving your pasta dishes? Why not learn from a chef from Italy, the pasta heartland? The Chef & The Dish provides classes in various cuisines like Italian, American, Brazilian, Hungarian, Japanese, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, and more.

Their classes are often featured in “Best Gifts” articles globally. If your audience is keen on unique and enjoyable experiences, these cooking classes are worth exploring.

Priced at $299 for two, these classes offer a memorable experience to share with a friend or loved one.

The Chef & The Dish’s affiliate program is selective, preferring reputable content creators with original content. Once accepted, affiliates receive resources like logos and banners to aid in better conversions and earning potential.

7. Rouxbe

Commission Rates: 10%

Cookie Duration: 60 days

Program Type: Hosted in-house

Rouxbe is revolutionizing culinary education by bringing professional culinary school curriculum online.

They’ve trained over 530,000 students with their expansive library of 1,500+ instructional videos across 78 lessons.

Rouxbe caters to both individuals and groups, offering training for entire restaurant staffs.

Their course offerings include:

  • Culinary Rx
  • Essential Vegan Desserts
  • Forks Over Knives Ultimate Cooking Course
  • Professional Cook Certification
  • Professional Plant-Based Certification Course

Additionally, they provide training for health and wellness professionals, aiding in lifestyle transformations for their clients.

With a variety of courses and packages, Rouxbe ensures there’s something for every culinary aspiration, whether it’s everyday cooking improvement or professional certification.

The in-house hosted affiliate program offers direct support and essential tools for affiliate success.

8. Amazon

Affiliate Commissions: 4-10%

Cookie Duration: 24 hours

Affiliate Program: Amazon Associates

Amazon, a household name, sells an incredibly wide range of products.

The Amazon Associates program operates simply:

If a customer visits Amazon via your affiliate link, you earn a commission on their first purchase within 24 hours, regardless of whether it’s the item they initially clicked on.

However, this only applies if they don’t clear their cookies or click on another affiliate link after yours.

While Amazon’s cookie duration could be longer, the strength of this program lies in Amazon’s universal trust and its large number of Prime members who enjoy free shipping.

To join Amazon Associates, your content must first be approved by Amazon.

Once approved, it’s critical to carefully follow their rules. Violations, like using Amazon’s images directly in your content, can lead to a difficult-to-appeal domain-wide ban.

Fortunately, there are WordPress plugins available to use Amazon images without breaching their terms of service.