7 LinkedIn Newsletter Benefits in 2024 Showcasing Their Value

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By Tomislav

Key Takeaways

Brand Growth and Expert Positioning: LinkedIn newsletters offer a platform for rapid audience growth, like Zoom’s 10% subscription rate increase, enhancing brand awareness and establishing your position as a thought leader through unique, informative content.
Reach Expansion and Community Engagement: They enable expanded organic reach and consistent engagement, thanks to LinkedIn’s promotional mechanisms and the platform’s capacity for building a dedicated community of followers.
Expertise Showcase and Lead Generation: Newsletters serve as a medium to demonstrate in-depth expertise and facilitate subtle lead generation through strategic calls-to-action, blending valuable content with effective audience conversion strategies.

What is LinkedIn Newsletter?

LinkedIn newsletter enables users to subscribe to your articles and receive notifications for new releases.

Upon publishing your first newsletter, LinkedIn creates a dedicated page for it. You’re able to customize this page with a title, logo, description, and publishing schedule.

Subsequently, users can explore your newsletter page, delve into past editions, and subscribe.

With the platform’s organic growth, established members and Pages often see rapid subscriber increases.

For instance, Zoom observed a 10% subscription rate from their followers within the first 24 hours of their newsletter launch.

Benefits of Creating a LinkedIn Newsletter

For those beginning anew, there’s significant growth potential in LinkedIn newsletters.

Even in crowded topics, your unique angle might just be the next big thing.

Exploring the benefits of a robust LinkedIn newsletter can help you determine if it’s a key player in your content strategy.

Boost Brand Awareness

The primary goal for any brand, aspiring or established, is to increase brand awareness.

It’s about making your audience familiar with your messaging and positioning your product or service as the top solution to their problems.

A LinkedIn newsletter aids in this by allowing you to craft distinctive content that stands on its own merit.

For readers to subscribe, they must take proactive steps, firmly placing you as their preferred resource, thus enhancing your brand’s influence.

Thought Leadership

Assuming the role of an educator and a trusted information source on a topic cements your status as a thought leader.

Thought leaders are distinguished by their ability to educate, utilize various content mediums, and keep their audience informed about industry developments and trends.

The LinkedIn newsletter serves as an ideal platform for this, offering flexibility in content length and depth, allowing you to thoroughly cover each topic.

Increase Reach

The LinkedIn newsletter user base is rapidly expanding. Unlike other platforms, organic reach on LinkedIn is still achievable.

Furthermore, LinkedIn is actively promoting newsletters in their recommendations. Just by exploring the “My Network” tab, you’re greeted with numerous newsletter suggestions based on various criteria like:

  • Newsletters subscribed by people with similar skills
  • Newsletters subscribed by those interested in the same topics
  • Newsletters from your network

Establish Expertise

Every newsletter edition is essentially a standalone LinkedIn article, tapping into the platform’s preference for long-form content.

This format is ideal for demonstrating expertise.

By cultivating a focused audience, you delve deep into relevant topics, showcasing your in-depth knowledge.

Stay Top of Mind

Newsletters are excellent for consistent audience engagement.

Even those who miss an edition receive notifications, keeping your presence known.

This feature alone positions the LinkedIn newsletter as a powerful tool for audience relationship building.

Build Community

LinkedIn newsletters create a sense of community. Your subscribers are not casual visitors; they are committed followers who chose to engage more deeply with your content.

This inner circle is invaluable, and fostering this connection can yield significant benefits over time.

Lead Generation

Incorporate calls-to-action (CTA) in your newsletters, guiding your audience on the next steps. CTAs don’t always need to be direct sales pitches.

Instead, mix in direct offers sparingly, while also directing readers to additional relevant content.

This approach enhances engagement and offers value, facilitating lead generation in a more subtle manner.