7 LinkedIn Newsletter Benefits Showcasing Their Value

With a 51% user increase from Q2 2022 to Q32022 alone, LinkedIn newsletters are becoming a powerhouse feature on the platform.

Marketers and thought leaders alike are starting to see their potentially enormous benefits.

Let’s discuss some of the most important ones in this article!

What is LinkedIn Newsletter?

LinkedIn newsletter allows users to subscribe to your LinkedIn articles and receive notifications when you release a new one.

When you publish your first newsletter, LinkedIn automatically generates a newsletter page for you. You can set up a title, logo, description, and publishing frequency on your newsletter page. 

From then on, users can visit your newsletter page, read the past edition, and subscribe.

Because of the organic growth on the platform, already established members and Pages have been growing their newsletters very quickly.

For example, Zoom reported that 10% of their followers subscribed to the newsletter in the first 24 hours of it going live.

Benefits of Creating a LinkedIn Newsletter

There’s still a lot of growth potential for individuals or companies starting a newsletter from scratch. More popular topics and niches might be more saturated but your specific one still might be wide open and ripe for conquering. 

Let’s discuss the many benefits of a well-established LinkedIn newsletter to help you decide if this content channel is the right one for your LinkedIn content strategy.

Boost Brand Awareness

Building and boosting brand awareness is the number one goal of every aspiring or established brand. Everyone wants their audience to become comfortable with their messaging and associate their product or service as the #1 solution to a particular problem.

The LinkedIn newsletter helps with this goal because it allows you to create unique content that lives or dies on its merit.

For someone to start following your newsletter, they have to take positive action to subscribe. This action associates you as the go-to resource for their interest, which has a powerful brand-building effect.

Thought Leadership

Become an educator and a reliable source of information on a topic to solidify your role as a thought leader.

By definition, thought leaders are what they are because they educate others, use a variety of content channels, and update their audience on the latest industry news and trends.

LinkedIn newsletter allows you to hit every single point on that list. You can make each edition as long or as short as it needs to be and go as in-depth as you want into each topic.

Increase Reach

The LinkedIn newsletter user base is growing fast. Organic reach on LinkedIn, in general, is still possible, unlike other popular social media platforms.

On top of that, LinkedIn is heavily pushing newsletters through their recommendations. Just open the “My Network” tab, and you’ll see a lot of newsletters suggested to you by different criteria like:

  • Newsletters subscribed by people who share the same skill set as you
  • Newsletters subscribed by people who are interested in the same topics as you
  • Newsletters subscribed by the people in your network, etc.

Establish Expertise

Every edition of your newsletter is basically a LinkedIn article on its own. Such long-form content is proven to work on LinkedIn.

Because of that fact, a newsletter lends itself well to establishing expertise. If you build a targeted audience, you can go deep into relevant topics and ideas and demonstrate how well you know the subject matter.

Stay Top of Mind

Newsletters are perfect for getting in front of your audience regularly. Even the members who don’t open your new edition will be notified it was published. Potentially multiple times if they open and scroll through their notifications often.

This fact alone makes the LinkedIn newsletter feature a potent tool for building a relationship with your audience.

Build Community

LinkedIn newsletters have that community feel to them. Your newsletter audiences are not people who happened to stumble upon your content and then promptly move on.

They liked you and your content so much that they decided to subscribe and stick around. Your subscribers are like the inner circle of your followers, and nurturing that relationship can bring enormous benefits down the line.

Lead Generation

Add calls-to-action (CTA) to your newsletter posts, so your audience knows what to do next if they wish to do so. Your calls-to-action don’t always have to be salesy and a way to plug your products or services.

In fact, it’s best to sprinkle those in every once in a while. But you can always send your audience to another relevant piece of content if they wish to expand on the given topic, for example.


Suppose you’re creating medium to long-form content on your blog or some other content channel. In that case, there’s no reason not to start a LinkedIn newsletter.

You could repurpose the same content and reap the benefits of having another content channel bringing in traffic and leads for your business.

Of course, you should write original content for your subscribers and add value through exclusivity. Don’t overthink this content channel and start your newsletter on LinkedIn while the user base is still booming.

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