Analysis of 4 Impressive Content Marketing Case Studies

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By Tomislav

Key Takeaways

Tresnic Media: Intense content schedule dramatically increases traffic; quality and volume enhance credibility and social media engagement.
Canva: Evergreen content and strong SEO drive consistent traffic; regular content audits and structured scheduling improve blog success.
Codeless: Focusing on content quality and strategic improvements enhances ranking; effective headlines and multilingual content expand reach.
T60 Productions: Quality and audience-focused content trump frequent posting; free value and guest blogging are key for long-term growth in content marketing.

Tresnic Media Content Marketing Case Study

Industry: Tresnic Media is a digital marketing agency.

Objective: To boost Tresnic Media’s online presence.

Strategy: Publishing 50 blog posts in 25 business days.


  • Website Traffic Increase: 481%
  • Search Traffic Increase: 427%
  • Referral Traffic Increase: 440%
  • Direct Traffic Increase: 570%

Key Takeaways:

  1. An aggressive publishing schedule yields significant results.
  2. Creating content facilitates professional connections on social media.
  3. Demonstrating credibility through a substantial volume of high-quality content.
  4. Solving customer issues via blog posts saves future customer service time.
  5. Producing abundant content increases the likelihood of viral success.

Detailing the Takeaways:

  1. Aggressive Publishing Schedule: Tresnic Media’s remarkable results stem from their intense schedule of 2 posts every workday for 5 weeks. Frequent publishing correlates with stronger outcomes, as 68.8% of bloggers publishing more than once a day report notable success.
  2. Social Media Connections: By sharing content in LinkedIn groups and on X, Tresnic Media sparked engaging conversations and built industry relationships, emphasizing the impact of content on professional networking.
  3. Credibility Through Content: The challenge of producing two high-quality posts daily was met by Tresnic Media, enhancing their reputation among potential clients and peers.
  4. Customer Service Efficiency: Addressing common customer queries through blog posts proved efficient, allowing future customer service to be streamlined through references to these posts.
  5. Content and Virality: In content marketing, volume matters. Tresnic Media’s strategy increased the odds of a post going viral, which happened, leading to a 1,000% traffic boost and stronger domain authority due to increased backlinks.

Pro Tip: Focus on enhancing and expanding the content pieces that are already doing well to get them to the top.

Canva Content Marketing Case Study

Industry: Canva is a graphic design platform.

Objectives: To drive 1 million sessions to Design School blog in a month.

Strategy: Focusing on evergreen content and improving existing content.

Results: Achieved the goal of 1 million sessions in 6 months.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Evergreen content consistently attracts traffic over time.
  2. Effective SEO significantly boosts organic search traffic.
  3. Annual content audits enhance user experience for active blogs.
  4. Consistent publishing yields positive results.
  5. Scheduling articles in advance reduces stress and smoothens content creation.
  6. A reliable system for managing and onboarding writers is crucial.
  7. The importance of blog artwork cannot be understated.

Detailing the Takeaways:

  1. Evergreen Content: This type of content remains relevant and continues to attract traffic for extended periods. Canva leveraged this to sustain interest in their content marketing.
  2. SEO Focus: High-quality, SEO-friendly content is essential for ranking on search engines. Canva recognized this for increasing their blog’s organic traffic.
  3. Content Audits: Canva’s team audited their existing content to decide what to keep, combine, improve, or discard. This approach immediately improved performance.
  4. Consistent Publishing: Canva aimed to publish new articles daily. Consistency, regardless of frequency, is key, as it’s noticed by search engines.
  5. Scheduling Articles: Planning and pre-scheduling content helped Canva’s team avoid last-minute hassles and maintain a steady content flow.
  6. Writer Management: With a global team of freelance writers, Canva developed a system for efficient writer assessment and onboarding.
  7. Blog Artwork: As a design platform, Canva’s focus on high-quality blog artwork paid off, especially on visually-driven platforms like Pinterest, driving significant traffic to their blog.

Codeless Content Marketing Case Study

Industry: Codeless is a content production company.

Objective: To boost old content rankings.

Strategy: Reconstructing and republishing old content.


  • Session duration increased by 281%.
  • Post promotion CPC reduced by 70%.
  • Content exit rate decreased by 23%.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Quality trumps quantity in content.
  2. Efficiently improve content for maximum returns.
  3. Completely rewrite content when necessary.
  4. Enhance content readability through multimedia.
  5. Headlines are critical; test to find the best.
  6. Multilingual content is effective but challenging.

Detailed Insights:

  1. Quality Over Quantity: Codeless realized that in today’s competitive market, superior quality content is essential for ranking. They chose to enhance existing content rather than create new but mediocre pieces.
  2. Strategic Improvement: The team conducted a content audit to identify and improve existing content efficiently, aiming for the highest impact with minimal effort.
  3. Rewriting Content: Some articles were entirely rewritten, aligning with Google’s focus on comprehensiveness rather than length.
  4. Content Accessibility: Incorporating custom images, videos, and audio made their content more engaging and positively impacted ranking factors like session duration.
  5. Headline Testing: Understanding the importance of copywriting, Codeless tested various headlines to capture visitor interest effectively.
  6. Multilingual Approach: Expanding their reach, Codeless translated content into French, Italian, and Spanish, focusing on accurate context and voice through careful translator selection.

T60 Productions Content Marketing Case Study

Industry: T60 Productions is a video production company in Chicago.

Objectives: Transition from word-of-mouth growth to content marketing.

Strategy: Create fewer but more comprehensive content pieces focused on the audience, instead of daily short articles.

Results: 199% increase in website visitors over 2 years.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Short-form blog posts (around 300 words) are limited for SEO but useful for customer service.
  2. Providing free value is central to content marketing.
  3. Blog thoughtfully and less frequently with audience focus.
  4. Quality of content is more important than frequency.
  5. Guest blogging enhances backlink profiles.
  6. Patience is essential in content marketing.

Exploring the Takeaways:

  1. Short-Form Blog Posts: While not effective for SEO, they serve well in answering queries and customer service. T60 Productions’ Tony Gnau initially focused on creating short daily posts, a strategy that proved less effective over time. Merging related posts into comprehensive articles is a better approach.
  2. Free Value: A pro bono shoot by Tony connected him with Orbit Media Studios, leading to invaluable content marketing strategy advice. Providing free value often yields long-term benefits.
  3. Audience-Centric Blogging: Advice from Orbit Media Studios led Tony to reduce post frequency in favor of richer, audience-focused content, proving to be a successful strategy.
  4. Comprehensive Over Frequent Content: While daily posting can work, quality should never be compromised for quantity. Strive for high-quality content over sheer volume.
  5. Guest Blogging: Guest posts on other sites offer exposure and crucial backlinks, a key ranking factor in SEO. This tactic is particularly beneficial for new or developing domains.
  6. Patience in Content Marketing: Tony’s experience underscores that content marketing is a long-term strategy, with significant results manifesting over years, not overnight.

Tony’s view on content marketing now? “IT WORKS!” He plans to intensify his content marketing efforts, reflecting his success and belief in the strategy.