31 Benefits of Posting Video Content on LinkedIn in 2024

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By Tomislav

Key Takeaways

Enhanced Engagement and Reach: Videos significantly boost audience interaction, shares, comments, and global reach, keeping viewers engaged longer on both mobile and desktop platforms.
Brand Development: Effectively build and personalize your brand through storytelling, emotional connections, and showcasing company culture and personality.
Establishing Thought Leadership: Utilize videos to demonstrate expertise, simplify complex ideas, and create new business opportunities through effective communication.
ROI and SEO Enhancement: Drive website traffic, increase conversion rates, and generate leads, while also improving LinkedIn SEO for greater visibility and customer retention.

Audience Engagement Benefits

To enhance audience engagement on LinkedIn, posting video content is key. Videos are more likely to be shared, expanding their reach significantly.

Videos also prompt more comments and likes, opening avenues for conversations and relationship building.

Increase reach and engagement videos are highly visible and interactive, making them more engaging than other content types on LinkedIn.

Be more engaging videos communicate effectively, surpassing text or images in engagement.

Create shareable content videos have high shareability, extending their potential audience reach. Utilize an online video editor for creating and editing quality videos for various platforms.

Connect with mobile users – With the rise of mobile internet usage, videos are ideal for mobile-friendly content.

Entertain viewers – Videos are not just informative but also entertaining, keeping viewers engaged longer.

Connect with a global audienceVideos transcend language barriers, making them perfect for a global audience.

Increase your reach Videos significantly boost reach and engagement on social media, including LinkedIn.

Increase dwell timeVideos can extend the time people spend on your LinkedIn page.

Get feedback on your products or services – Use videos to solicit feedback, improving your products or services.

Brand Building Benefits

The significance of branding is well-acknowledged. Branding drives consumer loyalty, trust, and preference. Videos are ideal for brand building.

Increase brand awareness – Videos can broaden your brand’s reach and awareness on LinkedIn.

Humanize your brand – Videos make your brand more relatable and approachable.

Tell a storyUse videos to narrate your brand’s story, creating an emotional connection with your audience.

Build a personal brand – Videos allow you to express your thoughts and passions, personalizing your brand.

Stand out from the crowd – In today’s competitive landscape, videos help distinguish your brand.

Create an emotional connectionVideos forge emotional ties with your audience, making your brand more memorable.

Provide an opportunity to show off your personalityVideos are excellent for showcasing your personality, offering a glimpse into the real you.

Show off your company cultureShare videos of your company culture to attract talent and give prospects an insight into your work environment.

Thought Leadership Benefits

LinkedIn videos are invaluable for thought leaders aiming to establish expertise in their field.

By posting videos, you can disseminate your knowledge and insights broadly, bolstering your thought leadership reputation.

Build thought leadershipVideos can elevate your and your company’s industry authority.

Achieve greater connection with the audienceVideos facilitate a more personal audience connection, fostering trust and rapport.

Establish expertise – Videos are a tool to solidify your and your company’s expert status.

Showcase skill and abilityUse videos to demonstrate your capabilities, giving a preview of what you offer to potential clients or customers.

Make complex topics more digestible – Videos are ideal for simplifying complex concepts, catering to visual learners.

Build trust Providing valuable information in videos helps in trust-building with your audience.

Open up new opportunities Posting videos on LinkedIn creates new business opportunities, showcasing your company’s value.

ROI Benefits

Posting videos on LinkedIn isn’t just about networking; it offers tangible ROI benefits.

Drive traffic to your website LinkedIn videos can funnel viewers to your website, where they can explore your products or services more.

Increase conversion rates Videos are potent in driving conversions, whether for email sign-ups or product purchases.

Generate leads Including a call-to-action in your videos can lead to conversions and leads from your LinkedIn profile.

Inspire actionVideos motivate viewers to take action, be it signing up or making a purchase.

Demonstrate products or servicesVideos effectively showcase your offerings in action, giving a clearer understanding to potential customers.

Improve customer retention Positive brand experiences via videos can enhance customer loyalty.

Boost SEOVideos can improve your LinkedIn SEO, making your company and content more discoverable.