10 Best LinkedIn Newsletters for Marketers

Stay on top of marketing trends, learn what works and what doesn’t, and read insightful interviews from seasoned marketing professionals by subscribing to these LinkedIn newsletters

These ten marketers are sharing invaluable experience and expertise in an easy-to-consume way, completely free of charge.

Let’s jump in!

The Marketing Minute by Josh Turner

With over 180 editions, The Marketing Minute covers many topics. You’ll find educational articles on anything from how to get more leads to converting as many of them to customers as possible. The newsletters are typically around 1.000-1,500 words long, with some exceptions. Josh uses images, graphics, bullet points, and lists to break up the monotony of text, so his newsletters are easy to consume. The Marketing Minute is on a weekly publishing schedule which seems to be the sweet spot for the type of content covered.

Digital Marketing Trends by Martin Waxman

Digital Marketing Trends has over 60 editions and is read by over 360k LinkedIn users. Most of the editions are around 1,200 words long, but there are also shorter ones. Martin mainly covers social media, digital marketing, and even AI. The articles are informative and easy to read. Digital Marketing Trends newsletter is on a biweekly publishing schedule, making it an excellent read to keep up with the latest trends in the digital marketing space.

Digital Marketing Tips by Andy Crestodina

When you subscribe to Digital Marketing Tips, you’ll get exactly that. Great tips relating to a wide array of topics in the digital marketing space. This newsletter has over 75 editions to date. One thing to pay attention to is that Andy only publishes short snippets of articles on LinkedIn. You must follow the link at the bottom of each edition for complete articles. This is well worth doing as the full articles are media-rich and very informative. Digital Marketing Tips is on a weekly publishing schedule and is followed by over 140k LinkedIn users.

Build A Brand by Kait LeDonne

This newsletter is all about helping you grow your business and personal brand. Kait is a personal branding expert, and she likes to cover tips, trends, and tools that help people build their personal brands. Build A Brand has 26 editions to date and over 48k subscribers. The newsletter editions are typically rich with images and videos. They range from shorter to heftier reads, depending on the topic. Build A Brand is set to a weekly publishing schedule, but the new editions are released much less frequently. This fact would disqualify most newsletters from being included in this list, but Build A Brand is interesting enough to subscribe to if Kait decides to start releasing articles more frequently.

Marketer Must Read by Callie Schweitzer

Marketer Must Read newsletter has been inactive with no new editions for almost a year. Still, its 56 editions to date are well-worth reading. Marketer Must Read offers insightful interviews of Chief Marketing Officers of companies like Google, Coca-Cola, Bayer, and many others. It also features round-up editions where seasoned marketers answer questions and share their opinions on different topics.

The Storytelling Edge by Joe Lazer (Lazauskas)

While The Storytelling Edge is not strictly a marketing-centric newsletter, it certainly touches upon it very often. Storytelling has always been a part of good marketing. You, as a marketer, will definitely be richer for reading this newsletter. You can skip the editions with the least to do with your area of interest. The Storytelling Edge has 48 editions to date and is on a weekly publishing schedule. The articles are usually 1,000-1,500 words long and are written in a conversational tone. Joe also breaks the monotony of text with compelling images and videos.

Rising Above The Noise by David Brier

Rising Above The Noise will arm you with tips and strategies to help your brand do just that, rise above the noise. The newsletter has over 60 editions to date and is on a biweekly publishing schedule. David occasionally posts even more often than that, which makes this newsletter a great option if brand building is something that interests you. The articles are easy to consume and won’t take up much of your time. They’re usually 500-1,000 words long with occasional meatier editions.

Becoming a Better Brand by Goldie Chan

Becoming a Better Brand is another LinkedIn newsletter centered around brand building. Goldie has published nearly 60 editions to date for her 15k subscribers. Becoming a Better Brand newsletter is on a weekly publishing schedule, but the new editions aren’t published quite that frequently. What sets this newsletter apart are the occasional interviews with marketing professionals, which are very interesting to read.

SEO Chatterbox by Mark Traphagen

SEO Chatterbox is a place where Mark lists the most notable developments in SEO in any given week. If you want to stay on top of what Google and other search engines are doing, you’ll want to subscribe to this newsletter. Mark doesn’t offer his own opinions, however. Instead, he just gathers the most interesting SEO news and sends his subscribers directly to the source, which is refreshing. People often get their SEO information regurgitated by gurus, who often get their information from other gurus, and so on. This fast-growing newsletter is worth checking out, with 62 editions to date.

The Right Phrase Pays by Alex Cattoni

Every marketer out there would benefit from better copywriting, which is why this list had to contain at least one copywriting newsletter. The Right Phrase Pays is also one of the most active newsletters on the list, with 110 editions to date and a weekly publishing schedule. Articles are typically 1,500-2,500 words long, with some much longer than that. Alex writes in a conversational, easy-to-read language, and her articles are fun and easy to read.


Here are the ten best examples of LinkedIn newsletters written by marketers for marketers. If you’re looking for some inspiration to create your own LinkedIn newsletter or simply want to see what others are doing well, be sure to check them out.

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