10 Best LinkedIn Newsletters for Marketers in 2024

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By Tomislav

The Marketing Minute by Josh Turner

With over 180 editions, The Marketing Minute delves into a plethora of subjects.

From strategies on generating more leads to converting them into customers, it’s all covered here.

Each newsletter ranges between 1,000-1,500 words, peppered with images, graphics, bullet points, and lists for easy digestion.

Its weekly publication schedule hits the mark perfectly for its content variety.

Digital Marketing Trends by Martin Waxman

Digital Marketing Trends boasts over 60 editions, captivating more than 360k LinkedIn users.

Editions typically span about 1,200 words, with some shorter entries.

Martin zeroes in on social media, digital marketing, and AI, offering insightful and accessible articles.

Its biweekly schedule makes it an ideal resource for keeping abreast of digital marketing’s evolving landscape.

Digital Marketing Tips by Andy Crestodina

Subscribing to Digital Marketing Tips means receiving top-notch advice on a broad spectrum of digital marketing topics.

With over 75 editions, it’s a treasure trove of knowledge.

Andy presents short snippets on LinkedIn, encouraging followers to click through for the full, media-rich articles.

Publishing weekly, this newsletter has attracted over 140k followers on LinkedIn, making it a must-follow for actionable insights.

Build A Brand by Kait LeDonne

This newsletter is dedicated to helping you grow your business and personal brand.

Kait LeDonne, a personal branding expert, shares tips, trends, and tools to enhance personal branding efforts.

With 26 editions and over 48k subscribers, Build A Brand stands out for its content richness, incorporating images and videos.

The length of each edition varies, aiming to cater to different reader preferences.

Although it promises a weekly release, publications are less frequent.

Nonetheless, Build A Brand remains a compelling subscription for those hoping Kait increases her publishing frequency.

Marketer Must Read by Callie Schweitzer

Despite a hiatus of nearly a year with no new editions, Marketer Must Read’s existing 56 editions are still valuable resources.

The newsletter features in-depth interviews with Chief Marketing Officers from leading companies like Google and Coca-Cola, alongside round-up editions where experienced marketers offer their insights.

This repository of knowledge remains a must-read for marketing professionals.

The Storytelling Edge by Joe Lazer (Lazauskas)

The Storytelling Edge, while not exclusively a marketing newsletter, significantly enriches the marketing dialogue through its focus on storytelling.

Recognizing storytelling’s integral role in effective marketing, this newsletter is a treasure trove for marketers looking to deepen their engagement strategies.

With 48 editions to its name and a commitment to a weekly schedule, it offers articles ranging from 1,000-1,500 words, all in a conversational tone.

Joe Lazer enhances the reading experience with striking images and videos, making it a noteworthy read for marketers seeking to leverage the power of storytelling.

Rising Above The Noise by David Brier

Rising Above The Noise equips you with tips and strategies to ensure your brand stands out.

With over 60 editions and a biweekly schedule, David Brier’s newsletter is a prime resource for those passionate about brand building.

Occasionally, he publishes even more frequently, offering concise, impactful reads typically ranging from 500-1,000 words, with some editions offering deeper dives.

Becoming a Better Brand by Goldie Chan

Becoming a Better Brand shines as a LinkedIn newsletter dedicated to enhancing brand identity, boasting nearly 60 editions for its 15k subscribers.

Though aiming for weekly updates, its schedule is slightly more sporadic.

Its distinction lies in exclusive interviews with marketing professionals, offering unique insights into the branding world.

SEO Chatterbox by Mark Traphagen

SEO Chatterbox is your weekly roundup of the most significant SEO developments, making it essential for those wanting to stay informed about Google and other search engines’ latest actions.

Mark Traphagen forwards direct sources rather than personal takes, providing a refreshing approach to SEO news.

With 62 editions and growing, this newsletter cuts through the noise of secondhand SEO advice.

The Right Phrase Pays by Alex Cattoni

The Right Phrase Pays is a must-subscribe for marketers aiming to sharpen their copywriting skills.

As one of the most prolific entries, with 110 editions and a weekly frequency, Alex Cattoni’s newsletter stands out for its lengthy, engaging articles (1,500-2,500 words).

Written in an accessible, enjoyable style, her content not only educates but also entertains, making complex topics fun and easy to understand.