Content Marketing on X in 2024: Good or Bad Idea?

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By Tomislav

Key Takeaways

Challenges of Marketing on X: X’s limitations include a non-searchable platform with a short content lifespan, a male-skewed audience, low conversion rates, focus on news and political content, and low advertiser interest.
Benefits of Using X: X is suitable for repurposing tailored content, especially video, which garners high engagement. It aids in building industry connections, authority, and brand awareness, especially for omnichannel marketing strategies.
Effective Content on X: Videos, images, lists, and statistics are the most engaging and effective content types on X, suitable for high-frequency posting during audience peak hours.
Starting and Growing on X: Engage actively in conversations, use relevant hashtags, and focus on strategic audience building despite the platform’s challenges.

5 Reasons Why Your Business Shouldn’t Bother with X

1. X is Not a Search Engine

A major issue with using X as a content marketing channel is that X is not a search engine.

People don’t use X to seek solutions to their problems.

Without hashtags, your tweets on X hardly stand a chance of being discovered later.

The lifespan of your tweets is merely an hour or two, then they fade into obscurity.

This assumes you have followers to like and retweet your content.

For new accounts, X is even less effective.

2. X Heavily Skews Towards Male Audiences

The latest data shows X has a demographic of 70% male and 30% female.

This might be beneficial if your product targets men.

If your audience includes both genders, this statistic might be less concerning.

However, for products aimed at women, be mindful of this disproportionate ratio.

In such cases, Pinterest could be a better fit for your content marketing than X.

3. Low Conversion Rates

A study found X’s conversion rates to be just 0.5%.

For context, Google’s and Facebook’s conversion rates are 1.9% and 1.2%, respectively.

X’s low conversion rates suggest that users are not typically in a buying mindset on the platform.

While selling on X isn’t impossible, and sales shouldn’t always be the main goal of content marketing, these low rates cast X in a less favorable light for content marketing.

4. X is Increasingly Becoming a Platform for News and Political Discourse

71% of X users state they use the network for news.

The X feed is ideally suited for all news types, from world events and politics to entertainment and celebrity news.

However, selling on X is challenging as most users aren’t there to shop.

5. Advertisers Don’t See the Value in Advertising on X

In 2023, X generated $2.25 billion in ad revenue, a stark contrast to Facebook’s $153.776 billion.

Despite having fewer users, the difference in revenue isn’t justifiable by user count alone.

This suggests advertisers prefer spending on Facebook and Google over X, a significant indication of their platform preference.

4 Reasons Why Your Business Should B Present on X

1. You Have Content You Can Repurpose on X

X is worth considering if you’re repurposing content from other marketing channels.

Maximizing your content creation efforts through repurposing is effective.

Ensure to tailor your content for X, like adapting the format or starting posts with “Hey X”.

2. You Can Produce Video Content

Over 2 billion video views occur on X daily, showcasing a 67% year-over-year growth, according to X’s internal data.

Video content outperforms text and image content significantly on X.

I’ve compiled an entire article on X video content statistics.

For instance, tweets with video content receive 10 times more engagement than those without video.

Producing and repurposing video content on X is a key strategy to maximize user engagement and leverage it for your business.

3. Your Goal is to Connect with Industry Peers

Content marketing can serve various objectives.

One key goal is building authority in your niche and connecting with industry peers.

With X’s extensive user base, many of your industry peers are likely active on the platform.

You can get noticed by them even if they don’t follow you.

Connections can be made through direct messages or by engaging with their tweets.

A well-curated X profile with quality content will positively represent your business when they check it out.

4. You Want to Build Brand and Increase Brand Awareness

Some businesses are in a position where they can prioritize an omnichannel approach over strict time efficiency in content marketing.

This approach involves being active across all major content marketing channels.

X, with its hundreds of millions of users, is undoubtedly a key platform for this strategy.

This is particularly effective for brand building and enhancing brand awareness.

If your business can afford a bit of time inefficiency, being active on X will contribute significantly to your branding efforts.

However, a word of caution: consistency is crucial.

Neglecting or abandoning any channel can have a detrimental effect on your brand.

What Type of Content Performs Best on X?

Assuming you decided you want to start publishing content on X, it’s good to know what kind of content does well on that platform.


Videos are a standout content type on X.

Several reasons underscore this:

  • Video is the most rapidly growing content type in marketing.
  • Video content increases the likelihood of customers finding something appealing about your business.
  • On average, videos receive more user engagement.
  • Combining text and video in your Tweets enhances value significantly.


Tweets with images receive about 1.5X more retweets than those without.

They also boast a higher click-through rate and more likes.

Like videos, images make a stronger impression on users and contribute to branding efforts.


Here, we’re not discussing X Lists of curated accounts but traditional lists like “5 best exercises for legs.”

Lists capture more attention in X feeds compared to standard text blocks.

They typically offer more value and denser information than regular tweets.


Engage your followers with intriguing statistics.

Occasionally mix in stats to spark interest and potential virality.

Statistics are not just engaging; they offer a chance to stand out and gain recognition from industry peers, especially when derived from your own original research.

How Often Should You Publish Content on X?

Posting too frequently on social media can lead to diminishing returns.

Algorithms may limit your organic reach to combat spam.

However, X is more lenient than most platforms regarding posting frequency.

Posting 20 times per day on X is feasible without algorithmic penalties.

X’s fast-paced nature means posting 5 times or more daily is acceptable.

Even more frequent posting won’t trigger objections from X’s algorithm.

To highlight X’s tolerance for frequent posting, the maximum number of posts allowed in 24 hours is 2,400.

What is the Best Time of the Day and Week to Publish on X?

Post during your audience’s work and commute hours on X.

Many check their phones during commutes and, often, at work.

The best days to post depend on your content type.

Workweek posting is generally effective across industries.

Educational content performs best on Saturdays.

However, these guidelines are not absolute.

Your content’s quality trumps the posting time.

How to Start on X from Scratch

X, as an established social media platform, has a balanced content-to-user ratio.

This balance often leads to reduced organic reach in favor of established accounts and advertisers.

Despite this, growing an audience organically is still possible.

To gain visibility, engage in conversations and comment on others’ tweets.

Use relevant hashtags to offer value by answering questions and solving problems.

Being pleasant and social enhances your engagement.

Building an audience on X from scratch is challenging, but its value is for you to assess.