How to Use AnswerThePublic to Get Content Ideas in 2024

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By Tomislav

Key Takeaways

Tool Functionality: AnswerThePublic is a browser-based tool for marketers and content creators, providing insights into consumer intent and keyword context.
Understanding Audience: It aids in empathizing with the audience, identifying their needs and issues, and building trust through valuable content solutions.
Search Suggestions Categorization: Compiles search suggestions into question-based, preposition-based, comparison-based keywords, alphabeticals, and related keywords.
Usage and Pricing: Offers 3 free daily searches with additional subscription and lifetime purchase options.
User-Friendly Interface: Easy to use with keyword search, offering results in both visualization and data formats, with download and save options.
Content Development: Generates long-tail keyword questions and context-specific ideas, ideal for generating content ideas and outlining articles.
SEO and Featured Snippet Optimization: Assists in selecting low-competition keywords, creating superior content, and crafting concise answers for Featured Snippet optimization on Google.

What is AnswerThePublic and What Makes It Useful?

AnswerThePublic is a browser-based tool designed for marketers and content creators. It provides insights into consumer intent and context around keywords.

Using AnswerThePublic, you can empathize with your target audience, understanding their needs and issues related to topics or products.

Identifying consumer problems allows you to offer valuable solutions through your content.

This builds trust and authority in your niche, leading to increased sales. Because when people trust you, they are more likely to buy from you.

What Does AnswerThePublic Do?

The tool compiles search suggestions from Bing and Google, categorizing them into:

  • Question-based keywords (what, when, will, where, can, who, which, why, how, are)
  • Preposition-based keywords (can, with, without, to, near, is, for)
  • Comparison-based keywords (versus, like, vs, and, or)
  • Alphabeticals – lists for each alphabet letter
  • Related keywords

Is AnswerThePublic Free?

AnswerThePublic offers 3 free searches daily.

For more usage, there are subscription options: Individual ($9/mo), Pro ($99/mo), and Expert ($199/mo).

They also provide lifetime purchases ranging from $99 to $1,990, which is ideal for long-term users.

I recommend this tool because the Free version is highly useful. With thoughtful search queries, three daily searches provide significant insights.

How to Use AnswerThePublic?

Using AnswerThePublic is straightforward.

You just input your keyword in the search box and hit “Search.”

It takes about 10-20 seconds for the tool to compile the data.

For example, I searched for “noise cancelling headphones.”

The results are displayed in two formats: visualization and data.

Visualization mode is visually appealing, ideal for articles or presentations.

However, the list format is simpler to digest and doesn’t strain your eyes like the visualization mode might.

Another key feature is the “Download CSV” option, allowing you to analyze the data in Excel or Google Spreadsheet comfortably.

Additionally, you can save the visualizations or lists by clicking the “Save Image” button.

You can also navigate between categories effortlessly using the Category Bar at the top of your screen.

How to Use AnswerThePublic for Content Ideas

Let’s explore how this tool aids in generating content ideas.

Continuing with “noise cancelling headphones,” the tool presents a wealth of long-tail keywords as questions.

Since AnswerThePublic pulls data from Google and Bing, it reflects actual user queries.

People often ask about the functionality and effectiveness of noise cancelling headphones, such as:

  • How do noise cancelling headphones work?
  • Are they effective as hearing protection?
  • Possible health concerns, like hearing damage or tinnitus.

In the Prepositions category, you find context-specific ideas, like:

  • Noise cancelling headphones for kids or flights
  • Comparisons with other headphones, like airpods or noise reducing ones.

The Alphabeticals category provides even more ideas.

Tip for free users: After searching, download the CSV file to avoid wasting your limited daily searches. Edit the list in Excel or Google Spreadsheets to keep relevant keywords.

How to Use AnswerThePublic to Outline Articles

With your topic ideas ready, let’s explore how to use AnswerThePublic for outlining an article.

Choose a keyword with lower competition on Google, especially if your website is new, as ranking for competitive keywords is challenging.

Evaluate the existing content on Google for your chosen keyword. If it’s subpar, consider targeting slightly more competitive keywords, where you can outshine with superior articles.

However, avoid keywords with excessive competition from high-quality articles.

Strive to create content that is better than your competitors. Mediocre content won’t make an impact.

Let’s illustrate with “Noises you can block out with noise cancelling headphones.”

AnswerThePublic suggests “How do noise cancelling headphones work,” which can be an introductory section.

Select relevant suggestions that fit your topic, like:

  • Can noise cancelling headphones block snoring
  • Can noise cancelling headphones block baby crying
  • […] (and other suggested subtopics)

These can be individual subheadings for your article, offering a comprehensive guide that could attract significant traffic.

Alternatively, cover these subtopics in separate, detailed posts, creating a “content silo”. This method involves a main “pillar post” linked to smaller, related posts.

It shows Google your in-depth coverage and expertise on the topic, potentially boosting your rankings.

Interlinking your content not only enhances user experience but also increases domain authority, as internal links can be as valuable as external backlinks.

How to Optimize for the Featured Snippet Position on Google with AnswerThePublic

The Featured Snippet, or “rank #0” on Google, is a prime spot, offering direct answers to user queries.

Use AnswerThePublic to identify questions related to your keyword and craft a concise, informative paragraph in your article answering one of these questions.

For example, title your article “Can noise cancelling headphones block out a lawnmower” and provide a clear, concise answer in the first 30-40 words.

While there’s no guarantee of securing the Featured Snippet spot due to various factors, this approach is optimizing for it and gives your article the best chance to be featured.