LinkedIn Newsletter for Company Page: Is It a Waste of Time?

LinkedIn is a vibrant social media platform where long-form content does well. Creating a LinkedIn newsletter for a company page is not a waste of your time.

Here’s a complete guide on creating a LinkedIn newsletter for a company page and getting the most out of it.

Let’s dig in!

What is a LinkedIn Newsletter?

Basically, the newsletter feature gives other users the ability to subscribe to your LinkedIn articles and be notified of future editions. 

Once you create your first newsletter edition, LinkedIn automatically generates a page for your newsletter that becomes visible to users even if they’re not logged in. 

Everyone can visit this page and read all the past editions. However, they can only subscribe when logged in.

You can set a Title, Publishing Frequency, Description, and Logo for your company newsletter. The publishing frequency can be set to Daily, Weekly, Biweekly, and Monthly release schedules. 

45% of newsletters on LinkedIn are set to a Weekly publishing schedule. Technically, you’re not bound by the set publishing frequency.

You can still post more or less often than the chosen setting shows. Publishing frequency acts more as a promise and tells people more about what they can expect if they decide to subscribe.

The only real technical limitation is that you can’t publish new editions more often than every 24 hours.

Requirements for Creating a LinkedIn Newsletter for a Company Page

The LinkedIn newsletter feature is not automatically available to all users and pages. To unlock this feature, your company page will have to fulfill the access criteria

Luckily, these criteria are very easy to complete as they’re there more to guard against unproven pages creating potentially spammy newsletters than to make this feature unavailable for most users.

The access criteria are:

  • More than 150 connections/followers
  • Recent shares of original content of any type (text, images, videos, articles, documents, etc.)
  • A history of abiding by LinkedIn’s Professional Community Policies

How to Create a LinkedIn Newsletter for a Company Page

Assuming your company page has the feature enabled, creating a LinkedIn newsletter is extremely easy.

Step 1: Navigate to your LinkedIn Feed and click “Write article.”

Step 2: Once you’re in the article writing tool, click the “Create a newsletter” button, and you can start working on your first LinkedIn newsletter.

After you publish your first edition, don’t forget to customize your automatically created newsletter page.

Why is it Worth Creating One for Your Company?

A LinkedIn newsletter for your company page carries many potential benefits. The first one is entirely practical.

For example, it offers another channel where you can re-post your long-form content if you’re already creating it for a blog. This will improve your LinkedIn content strategy without doing much additional work.

Another benefit is positioning your company as a thought leader in your industry. It’s a great way to lead the conversation and demonstrate expertise on topics you care about as a company. 

Creating a company newsletter has great brand-building potential as well. LinkedIn has transitioned from a recruiting platform to a content-first platform with hundreds of millions of users worldwide. 

What better place to expand your reach and boost brand awareness with quality content. With regular fresh editions to your newsletter, you will stay top of mind for potentially tens or even hundreds of thousands of users.

Examples of Successful LinkedIn Company Newsletters

Most LinkedIn newsletters are published under personal accounts instead of company accounts, even when they’re about the company.

For example, many CEOs run company newsletters on their personal accounts. However, there are examples of successful newsletters published on the company pages themselves like:

  • 10 Things Before Opening Bell by Business Insider – published daily with over 2.3m subscribers
  • The PMI Newsletter by Project Management Institute – published weekly with over 390k subscribers
  • S&P Global Daily Update by S&P Global – published daily with over 75k subscribers

You won’t necessarily be able to compare these global brands with your business when it comes to sheer size.

However, there are still lessons to be learned by examining the content they put out in their newsletters. These companies are doing a great job of:

  • Publishing content that’s true to their brand voice
  • Not being self-promotional
  • Publishing interesting content that resonates with their audience
  • Honoring their set publishing schedule

Content Ideas for Your Company Newsletter

If creating a LinkedIn newsletter for your company page sounds daunting because you think you won’t have enough content to write about, think again.

There are endless topics to cover for any kind of business out there. Here are 20 content ideas for your company newsletter to get you started:

  • Industry news: Updates on what’s happening in your industry and how it might affect your business
  • Tips and advice: Industry-related tips or advice from your company’s experts
  • How-to guides: Step-by-step instructions for completing common tasks related to your business
  • Industry events: Information about upcoming industry events, including any that your company will be attending
  • Thought leader interview: An interview with someone who’s an expert in their field
  • On the blog: A selection of the best posts from your company’s blog
  • Infographic: A visual way to present data or information related to your industry
  • Research findings: Results from any research or surveys your company has conducted
  • Case studies: Detailed looks at how your products or services have helped solve customer problems
  • Social responsibility initiatives: If your company gives back, let your readers know about the good work you’re doing
  • Best practices: Advice on proven methods for achieving success in various business endeavors, gleaned from your company’s own experience and expertise
  • How we do it: A behind-the-scenes look at your company, its processes, or how it makes its products or delivers its services
  • Quotes and stats: Interesting quotes or statistics related to your industry, customers, or company
  • Tutorials: Create a tutorial on using your product or service
  • Content marketing news: Share details about any new content you’ve published, such as a white paper or e-book
  • Checklists: A list of items or steps needed to complete a task
  • Resource guides: A collection of resources on a specific topic, such as links to helpful articles, tools, etc.
  • Curated content: A selection of the best content from around the web on a specific topic
  • Content repurposing: Taking existing content and repackaging it in a new format, such as an infographic or slideshow
  • Seasonal content: Content that is timely and relevant to a particular season or time of year

Tips to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Company Newsletter

Publishing quality content is the most important, but you can get more out of it if you implement some of these ideas. Some of these tips will take more work to implement than others.

Still, they’re all worth considering if you’re serious about maximizing the effectiveness of your company newsletter.

A/B test your content

It’s unlikely you’ll find what truly resonates with your audience until you do some testing with your content and analyze the results.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different things like content length, number of images, videos, headings, etc.

Always include calls to action (CTAs)

Get into a habit of including calls to action for people who want to learn more about a topic. A CTA doesn’t always have to be sales-related. 

Sometimes it can be as simple as pointing your readers in the direction of one of your other pieces of content you think they might find useful.

Honor your publishing schedule

Your publishing schedule is a promise to your audience. We’re all human, and sometimes things get in the way, but you can always have a few complete editions as a backup for when life gets in the way. 

There are successful LinkedIn newsletters that completely ignore their set publishing schedule. Still, they would be even more successful if they honored it.

Encourage sharing of your content

Don’t be pushy or overly aggressive, but it’s perfectly fine to occasionally encourage your audience to share your content if they find value in it. 

More people are happy to do it than you think, but they’re not in the habit of doing it, so they simply forget.

Use engaging headlines

Your headline is what will grab people’s attention, so make sure it’s interesting and engaging

Avoid clickbait – you don’t want to disappoint your readers when they click through to your newsletter only to find that the content doesn’t live up to the headline.

Timing is important

Try to time your newsletter so that it arrives when your readers are most likely to be able to read it. This could be first thing in the morning, during their lunch break, or in the evening.

Good overall publishing times for the entire platform are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings. You can always do your own tests and discover the ideal publishing time for your particular audience.


LinkedIn newsletters are underutilized by companies today. This guide shows you everything you need to know to create a newsletter for your company page that will succeed.

Start reaping the benefits of LinkedIn’s active user base and position your company as an industry leader instead of a follower.

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