Ultimate LinkedIn Newsletter Guide for 2024: Tips & Best Practices

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By Tomislav

Key Takeaways

Access and Creation: Check newsletter feature availability in Creator Hub and create your newsletter via the “Write article” option. Ensure you meet the criteria: over 150 connections, regular content sharing, and adherence to LinkedIn’s policies.
Subscriber Engagement: For subscriber growth, activate the Subscribe button on your newsletter’s dedicated page and use personal, recommended, and network share methods for wider reach.
Content Strategy: Keep newsletters concise, with clean design and exclusive content. Incorporate compelling copy, clear CTAs, and provide more than just updates. Optimize through A/B testing, consistency in posting, and monitoring analytics for engagement.
Building Subscribers: Grow your list by using profile keywords, expanding connections, participating in groups, organizing contests, employing targeted ads, and including CTAs in long-form LinkedIn articles.

LinkedIn Newsletter Access Criteria

To check if you have access to the LinkedIn newsletter feature, first activate Creator Mode in the Creator Hub. Click here to open your Creator Hub.

Then, read the brief explanation on Creator Mode and click “Next”. In the next window, you’ll see which Creator Tools are available to you. If the Newsletter feature isn’t enabled yet on my profile, don’t worry.

The newsletter feature is gradually rolling out to members and company Pages. If it’s not available yet, it should be within a few weeks.

The access criteria for the newsletter are consistent with other Creator Mode features. If you have those, the newsletter feature will be available soon. The criteria include:

  • Having more than 150 connections/followers
  • Regular sharing of original content (text, images, videos, articles, documents, etc.)
  • Adherence to LinkedIn’s Professional Community Policies

How to Create a LinkedIn Newsletter

Once enabled, creating a LinkedIn newsletter is straightforward.

Step 1: Go to your LinkedIn Feed and click “Write article.”

Step 2: In the article writing tool, click “Create a newsletter” to start your first newsletter.

How to Open Your Newsletter to Subscribers

After publishing your first newsletter, a dedicated page for it is automatically created. Here, visitors can view past editions and learn more about it.

Users don’t need to be logged in to view or share this page, but signing in is required to subscribe. Visitors can also react or comment on past newsletters.

To gain subscribers, first activate the Subscribe button. Click the “Share” button on your newsletter page and choose your audience. Then, visitors will see the Subscribe option on this page.

How to Subscribe to Other Newsletters on LinkedIn

There are three ways to find and subscribe to newsletters on LinkedIn.

Personal Invitations: Check your “Pending invitations” in the My Network tab for newsletter invites.

LinkedIn Recommendations: Look for recommended newsletters in the My Network tab, tailored to your interests, industry, and network.

Network Shares: Newsletters shared in posts by your network will appear in your feed, where you can subscribe directly.

LinkedIn Newsletter Tips and Best Practices

LinkedIn Newsletter Tips and Best Practices. LinkedIn newsletters are an excellent way to engage and inform your network, but it’s crucial to do them right. Here are some key tips and best practices for your LinkedIn content strategy:

Keep it Short and Sweet. LinkedIn users, being busy professionals, value concise content that delivers the message quickly. Ensure your newsletter is clear and centers on essential information.

Keep Your Design Clean and Simple. For newsletters, simplicity is key. Use a clean, easy-to-read design that doesn’t overwhelm your subscribers.

Send Exclusive Content. Encourage sign-ups by offering unique content, like discounts, early access, or behind-the-scenes insights, exclusive to your newsletter.

Keep Your Subject Lines Short and Concise. Your subject lines should be brief, direct, and reflect the newsletter’s content. Avoid all caps and excessive punctuation.

Write Compelling Copy. After drawing attention with a strong subject line, maintain interest with clear, concise, and value-focused writing.

Add a Call-to-Action (CTA). Include CTAs to prompt readers to engage further, whether it’s subscribing, registering for events, or downloading resources.

Go Beyond the Update. Use your newsletter for more than just updates; share intriguing industry news and insights to offer added value.

A/B Test Your Content. Experiment with different elements like headlines and images to discover what resonates most with your audience.

Be Consistent. Deliver your newsletters regularly – weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly – to meet your audience’s expectations.

Timing is Important. Optimize engagement by sending your newsletter when users are most active, typically mid-week (Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday).

Monitor Your Analytics. Track engagement through analytics to continuously refine your newsletter, tailoring it to your audience’s preferences.

Newsletter Examples

LinkedIn offers a variety of newsletters catering to different interests.

For instance, the Digital Marketing newsletter broadly covers topics like digital marketing, websites, SEO, social media, and more.

In contrast, Consultancy Growth, managed by Professor Joe O’Mahoney, focuses narrowly on helping consultancies expand.

Another example is New World Same Humans, which, despite its casual tone, maintains a cohesive theme across diverse subjects.

The key takeaway is that LinkedIn newsletters can span a wide range of topics.

As long as the content remains engaging and consistent, your audience will find and appreciate it.

Best Ways to Build Your LinkedIn Newsletter Subscriber List

Struggling to grow your LinkedIn newsletter? Remember, strategies for email newsletters may not apply here, as LinkedIn’s approach is distinctly different. Here are tips to boost your subscriber list:

  • Incorporate relevant keywords in your profile to aid discovery by interested parties.
  • Expand your connections on LinkedIn. More connections can lead to more potential subscribers.
  • Join and participate in LinkedIn groups. These platforms often allow sharing content, including your newsletter.
  • Organize a contest or giveaway, using newsletter sign-up as an entry requirement.
  • Use targeted LinkedIn ads to promote your newsletter, focusing on specific demographics like location, job title, or company size.
  • Write long-form articles on LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform. Include a call-to-action (CTA) for readers to subscribe to your newsletter.


Q: Why can’t I create a newsletter on LinkedIn?

A: First, verify you meet the access requirements: at least 150 connections/followers, recent original content published on LinkedIn, and a track record of adhering to LinkedIn’s policies. Second, LinkedIn hasn’t made newsletters available to all users yet. Third, you’re limited to one active newsletter; deleting it may prevent you from creating another.

Q: How to create a newsletter for a company page?

A: Go to your Page Admin view, click on the Edit pencil in the Newsletter section at the bottom of the right-hand sidebar. Here, you can set the Title, Publishing Frequency, Description, and Logo for your company newsletter.

Q: Where are my LinkedIn newsletters?

A: Find newsletters you’re subscribed to in “My Network,” under “Newsletters” on the left-hand sidebar.

Q: What are the LinkedIn newsletter recommended image sizes?

A: For logos, 300×300 pixels is ideal. For newsletter articles, the cover photo should ideally be 1280×720 pixels.