12 Crucial Twitter Video Stats [Infographic]

12 Crucial Twitter Video Stats [Infographic]
Twitter Video Statistics Infopgraphic

Twitter says video is their fastest-growing advertising tool

Twitter Statistic 67 Percent

There are over 2 billion video views on Twitter each day, which is 67% YoY growth according to Twitter internal data.

Twitter Statistic 33 Percent

Watching videos is the #3 reason (33%) why people use Twitter with news being the first (56%) and viewing photos (42%).

Video content on Twitter attracts a lot of user engagement

Twitter Statistic 10X

Tweets with video attracted 10X more engagements than Tweets without video.

Twitter Statistic 6X

Twitter says video content on the platform is 6X as likely to be retweeted than photos.

Twitter Statistic 50 Percent

And Promoted Tweets with videos save more than 50% on cost-per-engagement.

Twitter Statistic 2X

Twitter Video Website Cards deliver a 2X higher clickthrough-rate than standard mobile video ad benchmarks.

Twitter Statistic 60 Percent

Video Website Cards boost user retention more than 60%, because people are watching the video while the site loads.

Twitter as a platform lives on mobile phones

Twitter Statistic 93 Percent

93% of Twitter video views happen on mobile, according to internal Twitter data.

Less video marketers use Twitter than the year before

Twitter Statistic 45 Percent

45% of video marketers have used Twitter video as a channel (Up from 39% in 2018.)

Twitter Statistic 71 Percent

Out of those, 71% say it’s been successful for them. (Up from 70% in 2018.)

Twitter Statistic 38 Percent

38% plan to use it in 2020 (down from 43% in 2019).

Twitter Statistic 13 Percent

Videos with less text drive 13% higher brand and message recall, as well as overall view time.

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