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    I Understand Your Frustration

    Feeling invisible despite pouring your heart and soul into your website? Wondering why the search engines aren’t showcasing your exceptional products or services? I get it, and I’m here to turn that frustration into triumph. With an 8-year track record in SEO, I’ve helped clients to overcome:

    • Indexing Issues
    • Low Search Engine Rankings
    • Complexities of SEO
    • Declining Traffic
    • Rising Competition
    • Search Engine Penalties

    Your journey to SEO success starts here. My proven approach is tailored to navigate both new and established sites through these SEO challenges, ensuring your offering doesn’t just get seen – it shines.

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    My SEO Solutions For Your Ranking Problems

    My primary goal is to get you more business. I’m here to boost your content in the search rankings and connect you with the customers you’re looking for. My services are simple yet effective, always focused on getting you the most bang for your buck.

    On-Page SEO

    On-Page SEO is where you can rack up some easy SEO wins, and it’s all under your control. This aspect of SEO is about making sure every page on your website is not just visible, but also optimized to its full potential. I dive deep into your site’s content, structure, and HTML elements to make sure everything from your internal links to your titles and headers as well as images are tuned to perfection.

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    Off-Page SEO involves factors external to your website, like backlinks, social media presence, and online reputation. My approach is to carefully assess your specific needs and goals, and then craft a strategy that maximizes impact while staying within your budget.

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    Topical Authority Map is a fundamental document containing vital topics you want to cover to become authoritative on topics important for your business in the eyes of Google. Creating a Topical Authority Map goes hand-in-hand with Keyword Research and produces best results when done in tandem.

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    What I Won’t Do With Your Business

    No Black-Hat Tricks: I steer clear of shady tactics like keyword stuffing or under-the-radar redirects. These can give a quick boost, but they’re risky and can damage your site’s reputation, even leading to penalties from search engines.

    No Spammy Backlinks: Backlinks aren’t all equal, even from sites with similar domain ratings. It’s not about quantity, but quality. I focus on getting the right backlinks, not just any.

    No Content Overloading: Cramming irrelevant or unhelpful content just to stuff in keywords? Definitely not my style. It’s not only useless for your visitors, but it also can alert search engines for the wrong reasons.

    No Cloaking and Deceptive Practices: Trying to trick search engines by showing them different content than what your visitors see? That’s a hard pass. Honesty is the best policy in SEO.

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    What My Process Looks Like

    My SEO process follows these four stages: Research, Analysis, Strategy, and Implementation. It begins with in-depth research into your online presence and competitors, followed by analyzing this data to identify key areas for improvement. I then develop a customized SEO strategy, focusing on impactful elements like content and backlinks.

    This strategy is implemented, adapting to your specific needs, whether working independently or with your team. Throughout, I measure the effectiveness of our efforts and conclude with a detailed report, ensuring transparency and showcasing the impact of our strategies.


    In the Research stage, I conduct a detailed analysis of your online presence, including SEO audit, competitor insights, keyword research, and backlink review, to identify key areas for SEO enhancement.


    In the Analyze stage, I convert data into actionable insights, identifying patterns and opportunities in your online presence. This involves aligning your SEO performance with business goals and highlighting improvement areas, setting the stage for informed strategic planning.


    In the Strategize stage, I tailor a unique SEO strategy to your business’s specific goals, focusing on impactful areas like website structure, keyword-optimized content, and robust backlink strategies, all planned with precision for maximum online impact.


    During the Implement stage, I adapt my role to your needs, either independently executing the SEO strategy or collaboratively enhancing your team’s efforts, all focused on achieving our set goals efficiently.

    Why You Should Get In Touch With Me

    If you’re looking for SEO strategies that are both safe and effective, I’m your go-to. I believe in doing things the right way, not the easy way. I’m all about offering services that get real, sustainable results while maintaining a strict no-nonsense approach to SEO. Here are some of my core principles in business:

    Honesty & Transparency

    I believe in keeping you in the loop at every stage of our journey together. From clear explanations of the strategies I employ to regular, easy-to-understand reports on our progress, you’ll always know exactly what’s happening with your SEO. With me, you get the full picture, always.

    I’m Always Ahead of the Curve

    I dedicate myself to staying updated with the latest trends, algorithm changes, and innovative strategies. This isn’t just a job for me; it’s a passion. When you work with me, you’re not just getting years of experience; you’re also getting a commitment to continual learning and adaptation, ensuring your SEO strategy is always ahead of the curve.

    No Outsourcing

    What I offer is personal and hands-on. Every task, big or small, is handled by me. This is my preferred way of working, and scaling up isn’t my goal. My focus is on delivering top-notch results for my clients. I won’t compromise this commitment by outsourcing. In short, when you pay for my expertise, you receive exactly that – my expertise.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is SEO and how does it benefit my business?

    A: SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a technique that has an end goal of boosting your website’s visibility and rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPs). It involves optimizing on-page and off-page factors influencing the placement of your website in SERPs for any given user query or keyword.

    Q: What is the difference between on-page and off-page SEO?

    A: Simply put, on-page SEO refers to elements located on your website while off-page SEO refers to elements located elsewhere on the internet. Examples of on-page elements would be things like your content, headings, internal links, and examples of off-page elements include backlinks, mentions, social media, etc.

    Q: What are the most important Google ranking factors?

    A: Among over 200 known Google ranking factors, a few are considered most important and carry most of the weight. These are backlinks, search intent, EEAT, user engagement, internal linking, and info gain.

    Q: What is your policy on using black-hat SEO techniques?

    A: I have a policy of zero-tolerance for black-hat SEO. I do not jeopardize clients’ websites with my SEO strategies in any way.

    Q: How long does it take to see results from SEO?

    A: A systematic SEO campaign typically yields results within 2-4 quarters. This, of course, depends on many factors including the scope of the campaign. The more effort you put in, the better and faster results typically are.

    Q: How do you measure the success of your SEO efforts?

    A: I track the most important KPIs set by the SEO strategy. No two strategies are exactly the same so it depends on a case-by-case basis. However, some of the common KPIs include search engine rankings, traffic, user engagement metrics, conversion rates, backlink profile, etc.

    Q: Can you guarantee first-page rankings on search engines?

    A: No.  I cannot. However, what I can guarantee is putting my 8 years of experience in the industry to work for the benefit of your business.

    Q: What makes your SEO approach different from other agencies?

    A: I provide a boutique type of experience for my clients as opposed to the conveyor belt approach of larger agencies out there. This is the model I feel most comfortable with and find it yields the best results at the end of the day.

    Q: How do you handle SEO for a new website versus an existing website?

    A: A new website and an already established one are two different beasts. I approach them very differently, taking advantage of the best aspects of each. For example, a new website brings an opportunity to lay down a rock-solid foundation for your business, as opposed to correcting potentially years of mismanagement of an existing website. However, established websites that do more things right than wrong carry the benefit of built-in authority and trust with search engines, which new websites lack.

    Q: How much does an SEO campaign typically cost?

    A: On average, SEO agencies and experts charge $75 to $100 per hour, with monthly retainers ranging anywhere from $500 to $2,000. If you’re on a tight budget, I’m not the ideal solution for you. In that case, you’ll be much better off trying Upwork or Fiverr. I started my career on Upwork, and I can tell you from experience that there is up-and-coming talent on that platform for reasonable rates.

    Q: Can I do all of this myself?

    A: Of course, you can. And I encourage you to educate yourself as much as possible before hiring an agency and spending considerable money on SEO services. If for no other reason, do so to be able to recognize whether what the ‘expert’ is recommending makes sense or not.

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    Still Unsure?

    I get it. Diving into the world of SEO can feel like stepping into uncharted waters. But here’s the thing – you don’t have to navigate it alone. At THM, we’re not just about rankings and traffic; we’re about forging real partnerships and driving tangible results.

    Wondering if your website is truly optimized for success? Let’s find out together. Request a Free SEO Audit today. No strings attached, just honest, actionable insights that could transform your online presence.

    So, why wait? Fill out the form below and I’ll send a Free SEO Audit to your inbox. Your business deserves to be seen and heard – let’s make sure it happens.

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