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I’m here to help.

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Tomislav Horvat

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Hey there!

I’m Tomislav and my goal is to help people build their online businesses and scale them with the power of digital marketing, while simultaneously building my own business and reach.

I will always strive to provide value through my insights as well as point out the best industry practices I learned from the straight-shooters of the marketing world. The real-deal folks.

As a one-man-band, I do everything around here. From content creation to content publishing, as well as email outreach and social media management.

It’s important to point this out to both keep myself accountable and for you to be able to gauge what I accomplished in terms of content quality and quantity.

Often, you can’t tell how many people are behind the scenes of a business like this, which can lead to unreasonable expectations and overly harsh self-criticism.

I hope you find value in these pages. Enjoy the content and leave a comment if you have a question or simply say ‘Hello!’



Your Free Content Marketing Guide

Check out my comprehensive 8-step guide on how to create a fully functional content marketing strategy! Each step is its own article teaching you everything you’ll need to know to tailor your custom content marketing strategy today!

Step 1

How to set your mission statement.

Step 2

How to define your content marketing goals.

Step 3

How to choose and track the right KPIs.

Step 4

How to create a buyer persona for your market.

Step 5

How to perform a quick content audit

Step 6

How to pick the right content channels.

Step 7

How to set your content marketing budget.

Step 8

How to create a content calendar.