17 Instagram Video and IGTV Stats and Facts Marketers Should Know

17 Instagram Video and IGTV Facts and Stats Marketers Should Know

Instagram is one of the pillar channels for any marketer dealing with video.

Here are 17 stats and facts to keep in mind if you plan on posting video content on Instagram!

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Markers leveraging Instagram video and IGTV

Instagram Video Stat 1

51% of video marketers have used Instagram video as a channel. (Up from 41% in 2018.)

17% of video marketers have used Instagram TV as a channel.

Out of those, 53% say it’s been successful for them.

Instagram Video Stat 2

65% of video marketers plan to include Instagram in their video marketing strategy.

28% of video marketers plan to include InstagramTV in their video marketing strategy.

Instagram video and IGTV growth

Instagram Video Stat 3

There’s an 80% YoY increase in time people spend watching video on Instagram.

As of February 2019, only 18% of people have watched any IGTV content.

More than one million Instagram users watch Live video every day.

Daily video creation has quadrupled since 2017.

14.2% of posts on Instagram are videos.

One out of every four Instagram ads feature video.

Instagram video and IGTV engagement rates

Instagram Video Stat 4

Videos get 1.45% of an average engagement rate on Instagram as opposed to 1.74% for images and 1.92 for carousels.

Emojis increase average engagement rate for videos from 1.88% to 3.20%, which is a 70.21% increase.

Median comments on video posts are 94 opposed to 106 on image posts and 82 on carousels.


IGTV videos are 4x larger than photos on the Explore page.

How-to tutorials are the most popular form of Instagram video content.

IGTV automatic captions are available in 16 languages.



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