LinkedIn Newsletter Statistics and Figures Marketers Need to Know

In the relatively short time LinkedIn newsletters have been around, the adoption rate has continuously increased.

With much more potential growth left on the table, this is the perfect time to get into this booming LinkedIn feature.

Let’s dig into some of these interesting stats and figures!

LinkedIn Newsletter Statistics and Figures

As of Q3 2022, 28 million members subscribe to at least one newsletter.

The newsletter adoption rate is skyrocketing, with 51% more users in Q3 2022 compared to Q2 2022.

There were 11,734 newsletters on LinkedIn as of Feb 2022.

The average number of subscribers is around 5,000, and the average number of editions per newsletter is 8.32.

68% of all LinkedIn newsletters are in English, followed by 8.9% in Portuguese, 8.3% in Spanish, 3.4% in French, 2% in German, 1.6% in Dutch, and the rest of the languages combined comprise 7.8% of newsletters on LinkedIn.

Regarding the publishing frequency of all 11,734 newsletters, the Weekly publishing schedule is the most popular, with 45%. Followed by 27.7% that publish content Monthly, 21.1% Biweekly, and only 6.2% that publish content Daily.

Interestingly, in the top 100 most popular newsletters, the Weekly newsletter dominance is even more exaggerated at 59%, followed by 18% Biweekly, 17% Monthly, and 6% Daily newsletters.

10 most popular LinkedIn newsletters are:

  • Ask Richard by Richard Branson with 3.2 million subscribers
  • In The Loop by LinkedIn, with 2.46 million subscribers
  • 10 Things Before Opening Bell by Business Insider with 1.54 million subscribers
  • Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman with 1.14 million subscribers
  • Gates Notes by Bill Gates with 1.05 million subscribers
  • Get Hired by Andrew Seaman with 811k subscribers
  • Artificial Intelligence by Andriy Burkov with 562k subscribers
  • Mindset Matters by Gemma Leigh Roberts with 523k subscribers
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) by Bernard Marr with 503k subscribers
  • Big Data & Analytics by Bernard Marr with 404k subscribers

LinkedIn users overwhelmingly follow individuals, not companies and organizations. Out of the top 500 most popular LinkedIn newsletters, 489 belong to individuals, and only 11 belong to companies or organizations.

Zoom reported that in the first 24 hours of their newsletter going live, 10% of followers subscribed to it.

Bruce Johnston reports a 27% open rate on his newsletter. He also reports higher open rates for his email newsletter. Bruce’s newsletter is followed by over 25k users, which puts him in the top 500 LinkedIn newsletter publishers.

The most prolific creator in the top 200 most popular newsletters is Jacob Morgan and his Leading The Future of Work newsletter with 630+ editions. Followed by John Rampton and his Performance newsletter with 610+ editions.


These statistics paint a bright picture for this excellent authority-building LinkedIn feature. Check out my complete LinkedIn newsletter guide that explains everything you need to know about them if you want to know more.


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