Every Important Facebook Video Statistic for 2024

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Key Takeaways

General Usage and Engagement: Facebook users watch over 4 billion videos every single day, with 100 million hours of video content absorbed daily.
Viewer Behavior: A significant 50% of the time users spend on Facebook is dedicated to watching videos.
Video Ads Effectiveness: Facebook holds a commanding 87% share of video ad spending within the U.S. social network landscape.
Marketer Behavior: A notable 63% of marketers in the U.S. are planning to increase their investment in Facebook’s video advertising.
Mobile Users: Mobile users dominate Facebook’s video views, contributing to a substantial 65% of the total.

General Stats

Facebook is a video powerhouse, with its users watching over 4 billion videos every single day.

An impressive 100 million hours of video content is absorbed by Facebook users daily.

Half a billion individuals engage with video content on Facebook on a daily basis, marking a significant 500 million viewers.

A staggering 90% of Facebook pages have now integrated native Facebook video content into their strategy.

Square format reigns supreme in Facebook’s video world, with most top-viewed content adopting this shape.

Facebook’s monthly video viewership is colossal, exceeding 2 billion people.

The average span for watching a video on Facebook is a brief but crucial 10 seconds.

For a Facebook video, a view is counted once it crosses the 3-second threshold.

Surpassing a 10-second watch time on Facebook is a commendable achievement, while averaging between 15 and 30 seconds is considered highly impressive.

A significant 50% of the time users spend on Facebook is dedicated to watching videos.

Leading the pack in Facebook video creation is LADBible, boasting an astounding 1.6 billion views.


An engaging 6.01% is the average rate for Facebook video post interactions.

Videos from Facebook directly achieve 478% more shares than those sourced elsewhere.

Facebook’s video content holds viewer attention five times longer than static posts.

Watching beyond 3 seconds? 65% of viewers do, continuing for at least 10 seconds.

A key benchmark for Facebook video watching: an average time of 10 seconds.

Titles with numbers boost views for Facebook videos, revealing a trend in viewer preferences.

Over a million views is an achievement for just 1.2% of Facebook videos.

Trends show better outcomes for longer videos on Facebook.

Intentional video consumption on Facebook leads to ads being watched five times longer.

A high 16.95% conversion rate is seen with mid-roll calls-to-action in Facebook videos.

For every 1,429 page followers, video posts on average Facebook Pages engage roughly one person, a rate of 0.07%.

Native Facebook videos reach 10X the audience of videos from sites like YouTube.

Square videos on Facebook stand out with 35% more views than landscape ones.

The silent majority: 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound.

Video posts on Facebook outshine link posts, drawing 73% less engagement for the latter.

Video Ads

24.5% of all U.S. video ad spending was dominated by Facebook.

Facebook holds a commanding 87% share of video ad spending within the U.S. social network landscape.

Over two-thirds of U.S. marketers utilize Facebook for their video advertising campaigns.

A robust 83% of U.S. marketers trust in the effectiveness of Facebook video ads to spur purchases.

Facebook is the primary platform for video ads among 47% of consumers, outpacing YouTube’s 41%, and significantly ahead of Instagram (8%), Twitter (2%), LinkedIn (2%), and Snapchat (1%).

An impressive 71% of consumers deem Facebook video ads as relevant or highly relevant to them.

To reach an audience only twice as large, marketers invest 20 times more in TV ads than in Facebook video ads.

The cost of Facebook video ads is just 10% compared to carousel or single image ads.

A remarkable 47% of a Facebook video ad’s total campaign value is generated within the first three seconds.

Video ads exceeding 15 seconds face notably higher abandonment rates compared to shorter ones.

The 18-24 age group is 75% more attentive to Facebook video ads compared to those above 65 years of age.

Including captions in Facebook video ads boosts viewing time by an average of 12%.

A striking 74% of non-skippable video ads on Facebook In-Stream are watched to completion.

Vertical video ads with audio on Facebook see a 35% higher click-through rate compared to those without sound.

Facebook also reports a 35% higher click-through rate for vertical video ad spots that incorporate audio.

Video ads outperform all other ad formats on Facebook in terms of performance.

Marketer Behavior

A notable 63% of marketers in the U.S. are gearing up to boost their investment in Facebook’s video advertising.

The popularity of Facebook as a video marketing channel is on the rise, with 84% of video marketers utilizing it.

A considerable 76% of video marketers are strategizing to incorporate Facebook into their video marketing campaigns.

Facebook video marketing holds the preference of 81% of brands, marking it as a leading choice in the digital marketing world.

When it comes to crafting impactful Facebook video carousel ads, the golden rule is sticking to a square 1:1 format, ensuring consistency across all carousel items for optimal engagement.

For in-stream video content on Facebook, the recommended approach is a horizontal 16:9 format, ensuring the videos fit perfectly in the designated space.


When it comes to branded videos, media companies are in the lead, drawing 2.5 times more views than influencers, with entertainment being the top-viewed genre.

Creating videos optimized for mobile on Facebook can boost brand awareness significantly, achieving an impressive 67% increase.

Featuring a brand in the initial 3 seconds of a Facebook video ad can enhance brand recall by 23%.

The trend towards video content on Facebook is unmistakable, with videos now making up approximately 11% of all posts.

Mobile Users

Mobile users dominate Facebook’s video views, contributing to a substantial 65% of the total.

The preference for smartphone video consumption is notable, with people on Facebook being 1.5 times more likely to watch on mobile devices compared to computers.

Loud videos in Facebook feeds don’t sit well with users, as 80% express displeasure when mobile video ads play at high volumes.

Facebook Stories and Reels

The rate at which Stories are gaining popularity is astounding, outpacing news feed sharing by a factor of 15 times.

The growth of Facebook Reels in terms of daily social media engagement is reaching a plateau.

A significant 65% of U.S. users turn to Facebook Stories as a way to feel connected with their friends.

In the year 2022, Facebook Reels made up 3.3% of the total ad impressions seen across the platform.

Integrating Reels into existing advertising campaigns has been shown to boost click-through rates by a notable 56% across all ad formats.


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