Latest Threads Statistics and Facts for 2024

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Key Takeaways

Explosive Launch, Steady Growth: Threads quickly hit 100 million users after launch, with growth stabilizing to reach 160 million despite fluctuations.
Significant Drop in Engagement: User engagement sharply declined, with DAUs plummeting globally and average usage time dropping significantly.
Global Reach with Rich Features: Available in 100+ countries, Threads offers a comprehensive set of features, including text, links, photos, and videos.
Celebrity Presence: High-profile users attracted large followings initially, though recent activity among these accounts has diminished.

Launch and Growth Metrics

In its first day, Threads captivated 30 million users, and this number soared to 100 million in the initial five days.

The app achieved a remarkable milestone by gathering 2 million users in merely 2 hours post-launch.

Growth trajectory: The user base initially skyrocketed from 60 million to 100 million within 7 months, marking a period of substantial growth.

Following this explosive start, growth became more steady, with the number of users climbing from 93 million (as recorded 6 months and 4 weeks ago) to 160 million, despite a temporary dip to 68 million in the same period.

User Engagement and Retention

In the US, engagement with the Threads app plummeted by 85% from its initial highs. Following a surge in activity right after its launch, interest waned considerably.

Daily Active Users (DAUs) saw a peak of 49.3 million globally on July 7, dropping to 10.3 million by August 7.

Specifically, in the US, DAUs reached 2.3 million on July 7, dwindling to 576,000 by August 7.

Initially, DAUs engaged with the app for an average of 14 minutes worldwide and 21 minutes in the US, which reduced to merely 3 minutes by August 7.

During Meta’s Q3 earnings call, Zuckerberg indicated Threads has less than 100 million monthly active users, suggesting a discrepancy unless referring to different metrics.

Feature Set and Global Availability

The Threads app boasts availability in over 100 countries, with posts allowing up to 500 characters alongside links, photos, and videos (up to 5 minutes in duration).

Popular Accounts Activity

Notable figures have amassed large followings with varying levels of engagement: Neymar leads with 13 million followers, yet has been inactive for over 7 months.

Selena Gomez follows closely with 12.2 million followers, silent for 6 months.

Kylie Jenner has 10.6 million followers but hasn’t posted yet.

Kim Kardashian, with 9.3 million followers, paused activity for 2 months.

In contrast, Jennifer Lopez and Chris Hemsworth remain active, with 7.4 and 6 million followers respectively.


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