12 Unique Ways To Get Backlinks in 2024 Guaranteed to Succeed

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By Tomislav

Key Takeaways

High-Value Content Creation: Combining statistical posts, case studies, and failure narratives offers unique, engaging content that naturally attracts backlinks. Whether through original research or aggregating existing data, these formats provide valuable insights and learning opportunities.
Engagement Strategies: Utilize ego bait content by acknowledging industry leaders and sharing testimonials, which not only fosters engagement but also encourages backlinks. Authenticity in these efforts is crucial to maintain credibility.
Community and Educational Support: Initiating scholarship campaigns and supporting local community events can secure authoritative .edu backlinks and enhance local SEO. These efforts reflect genuine investment in making a difference and building goodwill.
Strategic Partnerships and Innovation: Leveraging media connections through platforms like Connectively, guest podcasting, turning unlinked mentions into backlinks, and partnering for content creation are effective ways to gain backlinks. Additionally, developing niche-relevant tools or calculators addresses specific industry needs, further attracting backlinks.

Statistical Posts

Publishing statistical posts is a premier link bait strategy because statistics are an interesting, relevant, and engaging type of content.

With statistical posts, you’re offering valuable resources that a wide audience, from industry peers to niche enthusiasts and journalists seeking solid data, find irresistible.

The potential for attracting backlinks is tremendous, as you’re providing essential, hard-to-gather concrete data.

These posts are particularly effective when they feature original data and unique content.

However, original research isn’t mandatory for success.

Aggregating relevant statistics from across the internet into one comprehensive post can also yield significant results, even in the competitive marketing sphere. Here’s my proof:

Example 1: A DR 90 site linking to my post on Interactive Video Statistics.

Example 2: A DR 81 site linking to my post on Content Marketing ROI Statistics.

Example 3: A DR 86 site linking to my post on Blogging Statistics for Content Marketers.

Case Studies

Case studies open up another powerful avenue for backlinks, thanks to their scarcity and the challenge of production.

The process, from setting up the framework to tracking and reporting results, is demanding but incredibly rewarding, making case studies a gold mine for organic and passive backlink acquisition.

And it gets better.

Similar to statistical posts, compiling various case studies into a single, well-organized article is also a viable strategy.

My experience confirms its effectiveness:

Example 1: A DR 91 site linked to my Buyer Persona Case Studies article.

Example 2: Another DR 85 site linked to the same article.

Ego Bait Content

At our core, we’re all human beings craving acknowledgment and appreciation from our peers and contemporaries.

This strategy leverages the simple yet potent desire to be recognized and celebrated.

How does it work? By creating content that highlights key influencers, experts, and even competitors within your industry, in a positive and appreciative way.

Consider “Top 10 Innovators in Digital Marketing” lists, “Annual Industry Leaders Awards,” or accolades for significant achievements.

Such content not only acknowledges those making an impact in your field but also attracts engagement.

Featured individuals are often motivated to share and link back to your content, driven by pride or gratitude.

However, authenticity is crucial. This approach must be genuine, aiming to celebrate others rather than manipulating emotions for backlinks, as insincerity can damage relationships and your reputation.

Content Illustrating Failures

The narrative of failure is uniquely captivating.

Sharing stories of failure can be unexpectedly powerful and engaging, offering a behind-the-scenes look at what doesn’t work and why, all to educate and prevent similar setbacks for your audience.

This content type is prized for its honesty, utility, and relatability.

Discussing failures presents a rare learning opportunity, blending vulnerability with insight and practical advice to create irresistibly link-worthy content.

Testimonials and Reviews

Every business values testimonials and reviews.

Testimonials often feature prominently on website homepages, sometimes with a backlink to encourage more feedback.

Even without a backlink, having your name on another website’s homepage is inherently valuable.

Leaving testimonials for products and services you use can be a good strategy for earning backlinks.

Yet, caution is advised against overuse, as building too many backlinks this way too quickly can create an unnatural footprint and potentially alert search engine algorithms.

Scholarship Campaigns

Scholarship campaigns should be rooted in a sincere desire to support education and offer financial aid.

This approach is more than just about backlinks; it’s about making a meaningful difference.

If you’re genuinely committed and prepared to fulfill your scholarship pledge, you’re set for a journey that’s rewarding both ethically and SEO-wise.

I’m referring to potent, often elusive backlinks from .edu domains—the gold standard in SEO, esteemed by search engine algorithms for their authoritative weight.

The academic endorsement your site gains from these links is unmatched.

Moreover, your scholarship might attract local media attention, leading to more backlinks and enhanced visibility.

Become a Source for Journalists

News sites are powerful and authoritative domains, accruing numerous backlinks due to their extensive content output.

Journalists are always seeking experts to support their articles in this competitive online landscape.

Platforms like HARO (Help A Reporter Out), undergoing rebranding to become Connectively, are dedicated to linking journalists with sources.

Similar platforms include Qwoted, Muck Rack, and SourceBottle.

By joining these platforms as a source or expert and responding to journalists’ queries, you can gain article mentions and backlinks to your site.

Guest Podcasting

Guest podcasting is a reliable method for acquiring backlinks.

Most podcast hosts have a website in addition to their podcasting platform presence.

They usually post each episode with show notes on their site, including a link to the guest’s website.

This is a mutually beneficial, straightforward exchange.

To maximize the impact, target podcasts relevant to your niche, though local podcasts outside your niche can also be effective.

Local Community Events or Sponsorships

You’d be amazed at how many local sports teams or community groups are willing to place a Dofollow link on their homepage for a modest donation of $50-100.

The topical relevance might not always match your niche, but the local relevance is valuable.

The beauty of this strategy is in the dual benefits it provides.

On one hand, you’re contributing to a cause or supporting a local team, which is rewarding.

On the other, you’re boosting your brand’s visibility and reputation in the community.

And the power of local goodwill should not be underestimated.

Being seen as a business that supports local well-being can open doors to opportunities well beyond a simple backlink.

Turn Unlinked Mentions into Backlinks

If you’re fortunate to be mentioned on the internet, especially positively, some mentions may not include a backlink.

This is a positive signal, but also an opportunity to request a backlink.

Website owners are often more than happy to comply, especially if they’ve already mentioned you.

This can also serve as a networking opportunity, potentially leading to more benefits.

Reach out to Partners

If you’re in partnerships and they haven’t showcased this relationship on their site, it’s a missed opportunity for both.

Remember, they’re inclined to assist you because your success feeds into theirs, and vice versa.

Securing a backlink from them should be straightforward.

Even better, collaborating on content like interviews or press releases published on their site benefits both. They gain content; you gain a backlink.

Niche-Relevant Tools and Calculators

You’ve likely encountered and even used niche-specific tools and calculators.

For instance, in weight loss, BMI calculators or calorie counting tools are common and excellent for attracting backlinks.

With AI advancements, creating these tools has become simpler than ever.

In some cases, you might not need a developer; ChatGPT could potentially develop it on its own if it’s straightforward enough.

If there’s something you frequently calculate related to your business, chances are, others in your industry do too.

Developing a tool for this purpose could earn you backlinks over time.